Six Principles for Getting People to Work Together

You can’t succeed in ministry without getting people to work together. It’s a crucial leadership skill.  Chapter 3 of Nehemiah is a powerful illustration of effective leadership. When God put a dream on Nehemiah’s heart to rebuild the wall around the city of Jerusalem, he successfully led a team to finish his goal.  Pastor, as

Do You Know the Needs of Your Congregation?

When I plan my preaching calendar, I start by analyzing my audience. I start where Jesus started—the needs of people.  You won’t learn that from a commentary set. Commentaries can help you analyze your text but not your congregation. You need to be able to answer three specific questions about your congregation: Where is my

Stay on Mission

There’s always something fighting for our attention. Something that wants to divert us from the essential to the not-quite-essential. That’s always been the case. But it’s in hyper-drive right now. On almost a daily basis there’s a big issue demanding the pastor’s attention. From a global pandemic, to the ugliness of racism, to protests, to

3 Aspects of the Vision God Has for Your Church

I’m often asked, “Is there any single common denominator you can find in every growing church?” I have studied, read and visited many churches throughout the years. What I’ve discovered is God uses all kinds of churches, in all kinds of ways, with many different methods and styles. But there is one common denominator that

How to Craft a Sermon

Whose life is God getting ready to radically change? Whose marriage is in need of transformation? Who’s in your church is about to walk through a life altering crisis? Pastor, you have the opportunity to speak into and shepherd the people in your church through every one of these situations. Your weekend message has the

Mobilizing for Ministry

Having a challenging time moving your members from consumers to contributors? Thinking it’s a lack of desire? Well think again.   Architecture teaches that function follows form. But in ministry, we believe the opposite is true – form follows function. A person’s ministry is determined by their makeup or their SHAPE. When someone doesn’t understand

7 Tips to Making a Good First Impression at Your Church

It takes only 7 seconds for a first-time guest to decide whether to return to your church. Let’s make that first impression the best it can be! Rommel Manio, Saddleback Church’s Pastor of First Impressions shares 7 tips for creating a positive experience for your first-time guests. Environment Matters The environment of your church communicates

3 Tips to Disciplining Your Members in Generous Stewardship

As we talk about financial stewardship, it is important to first define stewardship as the act of managing that which belongs to someone else. Hence, the Ministry of Stewardship is about helping followers of Jesus understand that ALL they have is a gift from, and actually belongs to, GOD. Our time, skills and finances are


¡A medida que nos encontramos en medio de las órdenes de “quedarnos en casa”, se nos presenta laoportunidad de ser creativos y encontrar nuevas maneras de “hacer” iglesia! Muchos de nosotros tambiénestamos descubriendo nuestros trabajos “y”. ¡Ahora, no sólo es pastor, también es camarógrafo! Así que,para ayudarle a navegar por este nuevo camino de filmar

Tips for Filming at Home

As we find ourselves in the midst of stay at home orders, we are presented with an opportunity to get creative and find new ways to “do” church! Many of us are also discovering our “and” jobs. You’re now a pastor AND videographer! So to help you navigate this new landscape of filming sermons, promos,

Streaming Your Very Best Online Easter Service This Year!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, an amateur, or a professional. You can stream your Easter service! Go live from your phone selfie-style or have a full-fledged studio in your home. Here are some basic tips to streaming your church service: Make eye contact with your online audience by looking into the camera. It

5 Reasons People Come Back to Your Church

The best way your church will break through growth barriers is to do so quickly. I hear from pastors all the time who want to break through specific attendance barriers, whether it’s 100, 150, 250, or even 1,000. Churches rarely break those kinds of barriers through gradual growth. When I started Saddleback, I thought that’s

Preaching for a Decision This Easter

Your Easter sermon this year will come down to two words: Will you? You’ll likely have more unchurched guests at Easter than at any worship service all year long. They’ll come because their mother invited them to dinner, and church is a prerequisite. They’ll come because it’s a cultural tradition. Or they’ll come because you

RETHINKing Internships

What do you think of when you hear the word “internship”?  It can be easy to adopt a stereotypical view when we consider the role of interns. But the beautiful thing about the Church is that we have so much more to offer college students who are looking to invest their time and energy into

Forget Church Growth, Aim for Church Health

When I wrote The Purpose Driven Church, I predicted that church health – not church growth – would be the primary concern of the 21st Century church. I believe that prediction is proving itself true. The New Testament says a lot about the health of the church. Consider just a few verses: “As each part

7 Last-Minute Steps to Prepare for Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday, churches around the world invite their communities to come in and listen to two big, bold claims. First, that Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Savior of the world, died for their sins and then came back from the dead. And second, that anyone who puts their trust in the risen

3 Aspects of the Vision God Has for Your Church

I’m often asked, “Is there any single common denominator that you can find in every growing church?” I have studied churches for many years, read about them, and visited them. I’ve discovered that God uses all kinds of churches, in all kinds of different ways, with all different methods and styles. But there is one

Build Small Groups that Matter: Free Resource

It’s no coincidence that Jesus started his ministry by forming a small group. When it comes to fellowship in your church, smaller is better. You can worship with a crowd, but you can’t fellowship with one. With our free new white paper, Align Your Church: Fellowship, we’ll help you build small groups that align with

7 Ways to Build Rhythm Into the Life of Your Church

Ministry is a marathon. This is true for church leaders, for volunteers, and for the church body itself. When we drive and push people to sprint all the time, burnout is inevitable. You can grow a large church by constantly creating mountain peak experiences and pushing for the top. But you will create a healthy

10 Ways to Raise the Spiritual Temperature of Your Church

There is a cold, hard fact I remind myself of often as a Pastor. No one does more to determine the spiritual temperature of my church than me, the Pastor. It’s part of shepherding. I’m the lid. I’m the limit. I define passion as the heated desire with us to do or to be something.

7 Signs of a Healthy Small Group

There are very few ways to create an atmosphere conducive to building strong relationships than studying the Bible in the living room of a friend. I also agree with Rick Howerton about the need to consider a more organic pathway to healthy groups. I was recently in a conversation with my coach, Danny Kirk, about

The Brooks Church in LA Reaches People Online

After launching Highlands Fellowship and four international campuses for Saddleback Church, Pastor Jimmie Davidson is using Purpose Driven principles to build a new kind of church that’s exclusively online.

Twelve Characteristics of a Purpose Driven Church

There’s no one particular formula or way of doing church; it’s the Purpose Driven focus and intentionality that’s important, not the method. There are, however, 12 characteristics that Purpose Driven Churches share.

What Does Your Church Value?

Have you ever thought about why you do what you do as a church? Whether you’re aware of it or not, values are a foundational part of every church’s DNA. Being able to articulate a list of values defines the nature of a church culture.

Growing People at Every Level of Commitment

If the people in a church grow, then the church will grow. One of the core ideas I wrote about in The Purpose Driven Church, and which we teach in our Purpose Driven events, is that every church needs a process for making disciples. —By Pastor Rick Warren

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