The Brooks Church in LA Reaches People Online

After launching Highlands Fellowship and four international campuses for Saddleback Church, Pastor Jimmie Davidson is using Purpose Driven principles to build a new kind of church that’s exclusively online.

Twelve Characteristics of a Purpose Driven Church

There’s no one particular formula or way of doing church; it’s the Purpose Driven focus and intentionality that’s important, not the method. There are, however, 12 characteristics that Purpose Driven Churches share.

What Does Your Church Value?

Have you ever thought about why you do what you do as a church? Whether you’re aware of it or not, values are a foundational part of every church’s DNA. Being able to articulate a list of values defines the nature of a church culture.

Growing People at Every Level of Commitment

If the people in a church grow, then the church will grow. One of the core ideas I wrote about in The Purpose Driven Church, and which we teach in our Purpose Driven events, is that every church needs a process for making disciples. —By Pastor Rick Warren

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