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Stay on Mission

By: Karl Vaters

There’s always something fighting for our attention. Something that wants to divert us from the essential to the not-quite-essential.

That’s always been the case. But it’s in hyper-drive right now.

On almost a daily basis there’s a big issue demanding the pastor’s attention. From a global pandemic, to the ugliness of racism, to protests, to the most contentious election of our lifetime, to masks/no masks, to changing regulations about if, how and when we can gather for in-person worship.

These are big issues. All of them.

They matter. A lot.

That’s why now, more than ever, it’s essential for us to know what our mission is, and to stay on course with it.

One Voice, One Mission

There are so many voices trying to tell pastors how to lead our congregations. (Mostly from people who have never pastored before.)

Time after time over the past year I have seen someone on Facebook or Twitter insist that if a pastor didn’t address (insert issue of the week here) on Sunday, they’re not doing their job, and you should find another church.

Ugh. It’s exhausting.

While it’s always important to listen to wise counsel, we must resist the naysayers, whiners and know-it-alls, and focus on the only voice that really matters.

The voice of God who called us.

The voice that still calls – if we’ll pause and listen.

The voice that still tells us to love God, love others, and make disciples.

The voice of the one who has always known that this time right now would happen.

No Surprises To God

God is not surprised by the latest item in the news – no matter how important it may be. He’s not limited or worried by the latest governmental regulations – not the ones you agree with or the ones you don’t.

He knew all of this when he called us. And he’ll reaffirm that call now if we’re willing to listen.

Christ’s mission has not changed.

Anything else is a diversion.

Karl Vaters

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About the Author
Karl Vaters
Karl has been in pastoral ministry for 40 years. He is the teaching pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, a healthy small church in Orange County, California, where he has ministered for over 28 years. A four-time author, Karl is the founder of, a ministry that produces resources to help small churches thrive.ver 28 years. A four-time author, Karl is the founder of, a ministry that produces resources to help small churches thrive.
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