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If you can change the way a student thinks, you can change the course of their whole life. When a child is noticed, that changes everything. Throughout the podcast, Jose explains the importance of learning the language of children.

Church Outside the Walls

On Palm Sunday, Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Maryland cancelled all services, sending members into the community to participate in service projects across three counties.

Building a Healthy Foundation from a Broken Past

At 38 years of age, Junior Rostirola has every reason to be bitter about his past. Instead, he’s using his childhood of trauma to fight for families, change lives, and build the fastest growing church in Brazil.

Center Church, San Diego, California

Four years ago, Pastor Marcus Jones planted an inner city church in a fertile field where no one else was growing fruit. He leaned on methods from The Purpose Driven Church and today is reaping the harvest.

Parkway Place Baptist Church, Little Rock, Arkansas

Early in his ministry, Pastor Allan Greer implemented the Purpose Driven (PD) model at Parkway Baptist. But it wasn’t until attending PEACE Training at Saddleback’s Retreat Center that he caught the vision for impacting the entire nation of Zambia.

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