Building a Purpose Driven Church

Whether you are a new church planter, just getting started in the church, or already Purpose Driven, this webinar is for you.
Our online training has been designed to guide you through a comprehensive process to implement Purpose Driven in your church. We will share an overview of the online training experience as well as the cohort model we've developed to make sure you are not going through this journey alone.
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The Essentials Training

8 Comprehensive Training Modules
The PD Essentials Training is designed to help you grow your capacity and
capability to fulfill the Vision and Mission God has for your church.

by joining pd training you get access to:


Get equipped with Purpose Driven Essentials
Our mission is serve church leaders to lead healthy churches everywhere. In our time together, you’ll be given everything you need to center your church on the purposes of God, creating a welcoming environment that ushers people in, moves them through an intentional growth strategy, and sends them out into the world. We know healthy things grow, and we will give you tools for building healthier members, a balanced church, and strategy for ministry that empowers your members… without wearing you out!


We're better together
Ministry can be a challenging, lonely road – but we weren’t made to go it alone! That’s why we’ve designed this program for you to learn alongside a cohort of other pastors and leaders on the same journey. Share your questions, glean from others’ experience, and encourage each other as we all run hard after what God has planned for our churches.


Learn from the experts
Not only will you be hearing from pastors with decades of real, in-the-trenches ministry experience, but you’ll also be individually coached by an expert in the Purpose Driven principles. Take the model from concept to implementation in your church with the help of someone who already knowns the challenges and solutions.

access the
Leadership Library

Your webinar is just around the corner! While you wait, checkout these free
resources at the PD Church Leadership Library to get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions

By expanding your capacity and capabilities, you’ll learn the principles and practicals of growing a healthier more balanced YOU and a more balanced CHURCH.

Depends on the training you select. The Essentials training (the foundation to building a healthier church), ideally will take 8 months to complete. It is an “active” training meaning you’ll learn then implement before moving on to the next step.

It’s free! The only thing we ask is that as you grow, you share what you learn with others.

Yes! We know your time is valuable and sometimes comes at a premium. For this reason, all our online learnings are self-paced. Start, stop, quick, slow…it’s all up to you. We’ll meet you at the finish line on your time!

Anything you learn can be beneficial to any process. But, we believe the most healthy approach is a wholistic one. It’s proven to reap the greatest benefit in working toward church health.

The training is designed for Church Leadership. Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors, Purpose Leaders and Ministry Leaders.

The Essentials training requires milestone group phone calls throughout. They are designed to create shared learning environments so we can grow and learn from one another throughout the process.

We have designed the online learning platform to be highly user friendly! Some courses you can do from your mobile device, while others will require an available printer and/or scanner.

It’s easy! Go to “” and click on the “Trainings” tab in the banner. Click on “Register for the Next Steps webinar”. While you’re there, check out the website to learn more about PD!

We would love to connect with you personally. Please email Stacey at

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