The Next Wave | 8 Week Purpose Driven Training

Grow your church deeper, stronger and healthier as you balance God’s purposes for the church - the timeless biblical principles of the Great Commandment and Great Commission.

In community with other senior pastors, executive pastors and church planters, the Next Wave course is designed to help you define and implement the structures, systems, strategies and spaces that will move your church toward greater health, producing greater Kingdom impact!

By developing a clear and transformational discipleship pathway, your church will learn how to welcome in the community, grow them to maturity, train them for ministry and send them out to fulfill their life mission.

Together with a PD mentor and a cohort of other church leaders, dive into how timeless, Biblical truths intersect with the realities of church right now in ways that point the path forward as you transition from a crisis-response mindset to long-range planning.

As part of the course you’ll get:

Access to the Learning Platform of new training content designed with COVID-19 response in mind

Exclusive membership to the Learning Community: Work through the principles alongside other leaders in the trenches while coached by a PD Mentor Pastor.

An implementation plan to lead your church through change, along with the tools and relational support to make it happen.

Each week we’ll answer questions like: 

  • How do we attract a crowd to worship when we can’t meet in person?
  • How do we grow deeper disciples in an online format?
  • How do we mobilize our members to care for each other and our communities in this season?
  • How do we maintain healthy fellowship while social distancing?


  • Week 1: Leading Your Church Through Change/Authentic Leadership
  • Week 2: The Great Commandment and The Great Commission
  • Week 3: Evangelism | Reaching Your Community
  • Week 4: Worship | Attracting the Crowd to Worship
  • Week 5: Fellowship | Building your Congregation
  • Week 6: Discipleship | Developing Committed Disciples
  • Week 7: Ministry | Empowering the Core for Ministry
  • Week 8: Mission | Sending out the Commissioned
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