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Why Finishing the Task Matters to Healthy Churches

Saying YES to the Great Commission
By: Purpose Driven Church

Think about the number of churches in your community. Perhaps there’s one church, or five, or maybe dozens. 

Now imagine a place where there’s not a single church. From small villages in Sudan to megacities in India, countless communities around the world still have no church, no national believers—and no one even trying to reach them with the gospel.

Joining God’s mission to create healthy churches everywhere means saying yes the Great Commandment—to love the Lord and to love our neighbors. 

It also means finishing the task of the Great Commission—the final command Jesus gave us to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19).

Today, billions of people are still beyond the reach of the gospel. 

Fortunately, God has already provided the resources we need to complete the Great Commission: the Church. And as his church, we are the hope of the world and his chosen tool for bringing the good news of Jesus to all people.

Your church is designed to make a bigger Kingdom impact in the world. Your congregation is wired to help make disciples of all nations and plant healthy, reproducing churches everywhere—especially in places where no church exists.

You’re not in this alone. Finishing the task requires a united, God-sized effort. By working together, we can give those with the least access to the gospel a chance to hear the message of Christ and respond to his gift of salvation.

Join us at the Finishing the Task Conference on December 3–5 at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA to discover how your church can make a bigger global impact and begin reaching the places where there are still no churches.

You’ll hear from the mission world’s most strategic thinkers, network with other leaders, and get equipped with the tools and training you need to help your congregation engage in the Great Commission.

Save your spot today at the Finishing the Task Conference and discover how your church can take your next step in bringing the gospel to all people everywhere.


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