Ep. 138: How The 5 Purposes Has Kept Torrey Pines Church Strong Despite Covid Restrictions

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This episode gives a theory on how most churches relying only on the purpose of worship might be experiencing a lack of growth or vitality in the new year. Mingo reflects on a recently published article featuring Rick Warren and how the strategy of implementing the 5 Purposes has kept Torrey Pines Church strong despite Covid restrictions.

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Episode Transcript:

About Episode 138:

Worship, Ministry, Mission, Fellowship and Discipleship are the five purposes that the local church stands, stated in the Great Commandment. With the explosion of the COVID19-Pandemic, Worship is the only thing we can accomplish out of the other purposes in consideration of the protocols established by the government and in hopes to lessen the spread of the virus. In this episode, we get into discussion how we can accomplish other purposes beyond worship and reinforce it to ourselves.

How can we achieve other purposes beyond worship? There are ways to reinforce it to ourselves.


[3:52] We have food distribution every single week for our families and we have fed more than 1000 of them.

[4:40] We commissioned the members of the church to inform us if they know someone who is need, to be the person can volunteer to assist them. It takes the church out of the limelight and it places the ministering duty to the people, themselves.


[5:35] It’s amazing to see people like our health workers, firefighters, military and the community to use their expertise to help other people that are in need.

[6:02] The church serves those communities and the community serve the people at large.


[7:00] During Sunday services, we have groups of people who gather via Zoom or get together in person and safely connect with one another as to what life will offer to them this season.


[7:31] We have young ministry leaders who help children understand who Jesus is if they ever find themselves in a cultural situation.

[7:47] We collaborated with our ministry leaders and parents to guide kids how to navigate themselves if they are in an unknown situation.

[8:01] It’s great to come together in worship and sing songs to remind ourselves who God is. To encourage, come together and sit under a pastor teaching on a regular basis.

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