Doing Church Online

How do we create a meaningful experience that not only encourages people to respond to Jesus, but also invites them into a deeper community? Get the tools, resources, and best practices you need for doing church online.

Going Beyond Online Streaming

As more and more churches move into the online space, new questions are being asked regarding the digital church experience: Why is online church important? What is the purpose of online church? What are the platforms for online church?

While there are many methods for doing online church, the heart should be the same: reaching people for Jesus and providing a way for them to belong to the family of God.

Inside this tool from Purpose Driven Church you’ll get:


6 Ways to Use Your Pastor’s Sermons for Online Small Groups

Many of our Small Groups have experienced much change (and so quickly) in recent weeks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While some of you may have a love-hate relationship with technology, it sure is proving to be a blessing in these days and times. Our Small Groups can connect and “see” one another virtually, using

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4 Keys to Leading a Small Group Ministry During Quarantine

Everything has changed in the past several weeks. Suddenly homeschooling has become the norm, a trip to the grocery store has become an epic journey, and most of us in ministry are getting a crash course in on-line pastoring and leadership. As small group point people, we each have leaders that are looking for direction

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How To Take Your Small Group Online

  The world is looking for hope and we have an unprecedented opportunity to provide it. Your small group is now more important than ever. By keeping your members connected you can offer the care, support, and community that everyone needs, especially right now. Of course, we’ll need to adjust the way that we stay

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4 Steps to Getting Started with Online Groups

During this COVID-19 crisis, everyone is either making a rush to get online groups going at their church or already have them in place and are trying to expand or refine them. In my context, I needed to get online groups up and running from scratch, because we have never done online groups. There are

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Tips for Filming at Home

As we find ourselves in the midst of stay at home orders, we are presented with an opportunity to get creative and find new ways to “do” church! Many of us are also discovering our “and” jobs. You’re now a pastor AND videographer! So to help you navigate this new landscape of filming sermons, promos,

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