Ep. 136: The Opportunity in the Opposition Pt. 2

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Episode Transcript:

About Episode 136:

The local churches are in a constant struggle in the battle against the COVID19-Pandemic. What worked yesterday did not necessarily worked today, and it signified the time to change strategies. Different categories of corporate worship had existed and it’s now the time to analyze and assess which of these categories work or if there is a need to create a new one – one that can stand against the threat of the pandemic.

How will these different categories of worship stand against the pandemic and is it the time to create a new one? Here are some of our thoughts:

[2:11] Category one is doing the same thing as we did pre-COVID, Category two is doing the same thing we are doing now, digitally while Category three is to fundamentally ask if we should start questioning the model that the church uses.

[4:04] Those questions sometimes stemmed from cynicism and frustration. Anybody asking that question right now is not asking from pure heart.

[6:00] The neighborhood churches should take a time to take a rest and let us serve you. Come together and celebrate what God has been allowing to harvest this great ministry happening.

[6:52] I love the idea of building up a program from scratch with the outcome of making people more connected not just being preached at but to start a family conversation, go to a song and celebrate what God has been doing in all of these opportunities.

[8:49] It’s difficult to reinvent what Sunday or corporate worship should look like. You should know the reason why there should be a change and not just to look cooler.

[9:54] It has been seldom to see someone going to church in an invitation over the last 20 years due to the skepticism and cynicism towards organized religion.

[10:18] The role or authority of the church may have had, has been superseded with trust, authenticity and relationship.

[13:31] The church had not followed the pattern of the culture it seeks to serve. Corporations and organizations change senior leadership at an astounding rate, precisely because they realize that they are in need for a new leader.

[14:01] It is an unfortunate reality, that senior pastors are both leaders and product of their church. It’s a challenging place that prevents flexibility to leadership transitions of empowering young people, which has been a problem of many years.

[16:15] If there are churches who are listening, and someone has been there every Sunday, since the inception of the pandemic, find a substitute and give them some time to breathe and take a break.

[19:04] Times like this gives rise to leaders to rethink everything. The church has been horrible at innovating for many years and there is a huge difference between adaptation and innovation. To innovate is being proactive while adaptation is what we are doing right now in this pandemic.

[19:59] This is the time of necessary adaptation and for others to be given permission to innovate that is far riskier and proactive than they could ever be.

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