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11 Steps to Embrace Facebook & YouTube Streaming of Your Service

By: Jay Kranda

1. Focus on how to move “Watchers to Attenders” and think through how it works [ASSIMILATION].

2. Welcome those online personally on video during the service and drive viewers to complete a response form, send email/text, or DM the page [NEXT STEP IS KEY!].

3. Put in place a chat host, kind of like a digital greeter, who can say hi to those online and answer questions during the stream.

4. Launch an online follow-up team to handle response forms, emails, texts, and DMs. Care for people one-on-one and connect back to a physical location.

5. Empower a volunteer to oversee your stream. Find someone who owns their own business because they tend to be social media savvy.

6. Launch a Facebook Group for those online to be in the community during the week. Think of your Facebook Group as a patio experience digitally.

7. Explore launching online groups if people desire to gather, but can’t meet in-person [VIDEO COURSE: How Online Small Groups Work].

8. Get classes up online with a Learning Management Software (L.M.S.) like,, or

9. Dive into “Insights” on Facebook and “Analytics” on YouTube to see what is happening during your stream. Zero-in on retention metrics. Don’t get wrapped up in how many people viewed your content, but how long did they watch and figure out how many people engaged during the service.

10. Tell stories of moving people from online-offline and share stories of assimilation with your leadership. Get your leadership excited about what is possible online, which will help in enhancing your digital experience.

11. Expand your online experiences by exploring

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About the Author
Jay Kranda
Jay Kranda is the Online Pastor at Saddleback Church. He oversees an online community with online small groups, homes groups, and local gatherings around the globe. Addicted to the NBA and cold coffee. Married to Jody and they have 2 boys and 1 girl.
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