PD Podcast: Touring For Purpose

PD Podcast: Touring For Purpose

In 2016, Saddleback’s PD Pastor of Evangelism and Culture, Mingo Palacios teamed up with PD Global Events Coordinator, Jesse Stedman, to travel the country and build relationships with next-gen pastors. From state-to-state, they had road-trip conversations with church leaders in the Purpose Driven RV bus, discussing relevant topics on the future of ministry.


When their journey came to an end, Pastor Mingo kept the conversations going with pastors willing to be vulnerable and real. What started out as casual road-trip discussions soon turned into the Touring For Purpose podcast.

Mingo started sharing some of those enriching discussions covering topics from measuring results to ministry disrupters. The program quickly started gaining momentum across the nation.

With only 25 episodes now in the bag, the show has already received as many as 50,000 listeners since they launched. As a dynamic NextGen leader, Mingo views each show as another opportunity to get real about the church. Once pastors step aboard the fully retrofitted PD Church RV, it somehow becomes a confession booth where they can honestly share struggles, fears, frustrations, and hope for change.

“We talk about lack of connectedness in generations, and how to pass the baton to the next pool of leaders,” says Mingo. “My goal is to be a bridge by starting conversations and working toward a purpose. I often ask executive leaders what kept them invested in ministry for 30+ years. Then, I’ll meet with a millennial pastor and share that insight with them. It’s about working together between generations, and being less defensive and more cohesive. The goal in leadership is not just to hand it over, but to build synergy and learn from one another.”


The focus for Mingo is to simply start a conversation and verbally process with his guests. As he connects with leaders across the country, others tune in to hear best practices and insights from the front lines of ministry. Many have said they listen to the podcast because it pokes at the larger issue and allows them to relate in their own context—whether that be at work, home, or church.

“Mingo knows when to be funny and when to keep it real,” says Scott Wessell, Rock Church’s School of Ministry Pastor. “He knows how to ask just the right questions, and is great at choosing guests who have something meaningful to say. They make you think and evaluate your life. All around, it’s one of the best podcasts I’ve heard in awhile!”

Unlike mainstream faith-focused podcasts, Touring For Purpose meets pastors where they’re at, and comes full circle back to their burning love for Christ. Catering toward the nontraditional pastor, this podcast is ideal for anyone seeking honest conversations about how to become a better leader for the next generation.


“Every conversation matters,” says Mingo. “If we can get people talking about where they’ve been, or maybe spark something they never considered before, then we’ve won.”

The Touring for Purpose podcast is available on iTunes, or you can keep up with episodes on Facebook at facebook.com/touringforpurpose.

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