One Man’s Dream to Plant Purpose Driven Churches Around the World

One Man’s Dream to Plant Purpose Driven Churches Around the World

Once the senior pastor of Lake Gregory Community Church in Crestline, California, Pastor Dave Holden was known for turning the 75-year old church into a Purpose Driven Church. As a result, it grew from 80 members to over 800, in a town with a population of only 8,000 at the time. A major turning point for the church was taking part in the pilot series 40 Days of Purpose, resulting in Bible study groups jumping from seven to 72.

At the end of the 40 Days of Purpose Bible study, Holden made a quick pitch to his congregants for an extra donation if the experience had changed them. Members gave $112,000—enough to wipe out all the church debt. They immediately began spending $5,000 a month on the needs of people in Africa and Asia. Holden says they were able to accomplish growth because the church was actively seeking to obey the command of Jesus to make disciples of all nations.


The church’s influence became recognized around the world as Pastor Holden began training and encouraging other small-town pastors to move on an international level. In 2003, Lake Gregory Community Church received the Purpose Driven Church Health Award which is given to churches that demonstrate a balanced approach to ministry.

After joining the Purpose Driven staff in 2005, Holden became the Director of International Training for Purpose Driven Ministries just two years later. His goal was to take what he had learned and share it with other pastors around the world.


During his time at Saddleback, Holden traveled to 60 nations and influenced over 30,000 pastors. But in late 2015, he publicly announced he was moving on to a new phase in his life, to help plant 100 new churches around the world. Despite the enormity of this goal, Holden is committed to helping smaller churches in the international setting.

“I’m dedicated to that vision as one of the ultimate goals of my lifetime,” Holden says. “I love the church, am a trainer of pastors, and work internationally to give relationship and fellowship to leaders using Purpose Driven style.”

For Saddleback and the Purpose Driven Team, the long-term relationship with Holden has endured. His contributions have significantly expanded those that can also teach and coach Purpose Driven principles around the globe.

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