Ep. 124: Neighborhood Church Pt. 3

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In this episode, you’ll hear the basics of neighborhood church team roles. What characteristics make a great team? Mingo and Robert detail 3 expectations that will make your services a great experience for everyone involved.

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Episode Transcript:

About Episode 124:

In this episode, we are diving deeper into the neighborhood church model. In part 3, we are diving into team expectations for those you invite to be on your team. What are those consistent qualities to keep at the front of your mind when executing a neighborhood church?

There are three basic expectations.

But first, let’s review if you haven’t caught the other episodes. Listen a the 1:15 minute mark.

What is a neighborhood church?

The best-sized neighborhood church is a dozen. It’s not about being the biggest, but the people are the best known.

Listen to ….The Values

Listen to…. To Learn Flow and Service Format

Let’s talk about team expectations.

When people ask when will you be reopening the church? Respond, “we’ve never been closed. We’ve never been more missional.

Expectation #1 – Be The Church

“The church is more than it’s places. It is about the people that make up the church.” – Mingo


Keep Being The Church at the forefront of your team and your neighborhood church. This means you should be involved in the service. Your team needs to sit and listen. They need to engage and worship.

Robert and Mingo talk about the opposite expressions when the team would only observe. Listen at 5:30 on the podcast.

“If they become leaders, they will replicate what they see.” – Robert

Expectation #2 – Mi Casa Su Casa

This means opening up a home for services is hugely generous. That as a team, get there early to set up and stay to make sure everything is cleaned up better than when you got there.

“Act like Jesus is knocking at the door. So leave the place better than when you got there.” – Robert

Ask questions. Are there spaces that you don’t want any guests to wander into? Which bathrooms do we use?

Don’t minimize the offering that they are opening their house.

Liz would come early and realized that the environment mattered. She respected that someone let them use a keycard and trusted them with collateral and a co-workspace to do church. It was always left better than when they got there.

“Just bless those who provided a blessing for you.” – Mingo

Expectation #3 – Something Beyond Sunday

The majority of neighborhood churches will happen on Sunday, but it doesn’t have to. All the material is available on YouTube. Let’s be intentional about getting contact info, praying for each other, following up with each other, is a service opportunity, and representing our “Being For Our Neighborhood” value.

You can make a calendar or a text thread to do “something beyond Sunday” with the people who attend your neighborhood church.

“When you are the church, and God puts someone in front of you, you can do something for them.” – Robert

Thanks for reading. We’ve done this for 52 weeks for three years as a ministry. We are here to support you.

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