Ep. 123: Neighborhood Church Pt. 2

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In this episode, you’ll hear the core values that every neighborhood church will share. Follow along with Mingo as he details this out of the box concept and defines the format options and the service flow of the neighborhood church model.

Connect with the speaker, and check out the resources mentioned in this episode:

  1. Microsite Ministry: https://micrositeministry.com/
  2. Mingo’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mingo2/
  3. Robert’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rebelfishlocal/ – DM us if you’d like to be considered to be interviewed on the podcast.

Episode Transcript:

About Episode 123:

1:00 – Neighborhood Church defined
2:00 – Values of a neighborhood church
11:47 – values recapped
13:00 – Service Flow
24:00 – Final thoughts for the listeners

This is part 2 of a 5 part conversation about neighborhood churches. And what it looks like for a more substantial conversion of what it looks like to regather. This is from Mingo’s notebook, his playbook of what it looks like to regather at Torrey Pines Church in La Jolla, California. Several churches have been walking with us during “shelter in place” to “open for business.”

“We believe at the core of our existence that the church didn’t close. We’ve become more missional, more loving, more purpose-driven than ever before”. – Mingo

What’s a neighborhood church?

It’s gatherings of folks who gather by the dozens who collect in homes, dorms, parks, or backyards to host any particular church service.

A neighborhood church expresses five essential core values.

Read the last blog or listen to the previous podcast to learn the Service Format.

Today we are going through the Service Flow.

Think about this. What are the values of a neighborhood church? You need to understand what you hold so dear to your heart.

Our 5 Neighborhood Values:

Value #1: Mission – people helping people find and follow Jesus.

“The best mission is when the person takes up the responsibility for the Biblical mandate to help another person find and follow Jesus.” – Mingo

You should be on a call before your neighborhood church and another call after.

Value #2: Display and experience first hand that circles are always better than rows.

Some neighborhood churches and microsites got so big that they had to be in rows. But when you are in circles, everyone’s perspectives and position are valued here.

You get to demonstrate circles are better than rows physically.

If you have an iPhone and Bluetooth speaker, just listen then take planned breaks during the service.

Value #3: You Can Do It And We Can Help.

Right now, most churches aren’t meeting. Most churches are wrapped around the idea that we can do great things, and maybe you can help. BUT this neighborhood church model flips it on its head. We will be available before by call, during by text, and after as a team to talk about what you went through.

We are here to support your effort.

Value #4: Get To Experience Our Word For The Year WITH.

3 Experiences Of The Word WITH:

  • With God
  • With One Another (believers)
  • WIth Everyone (the world)

You’ll experience this as you get comfortable with leading this neighborhood church.

You will spend time with God preparing for this service and lots of time after praising Him for what He did.

Listen at 9:25 for all the ideas of how to invite and get people at your neighborhood church.

Think about, did you build your neighborhood church strategically so someone could grow and mature.

Value 5: That We Would Be For Our Neighborhoods

“Be the people God has put us in proximity to.” – Mingo

Understand that their in a neighborhood, and there is an outworking of 4-hour neighborhood service opportunities.

Who do you see on your block that needs groceries or to fix their car?

Maybe you know of an organization that needs help at a food bank.

“You might make some new friends, deepen your relationships, or even meet your future spouse.” – Robert

Finally, Mingo and Robert discuss the Service Flow. Listen to the podcast starting at 13 minutes and feel confident that you can launch a neighborhood church.

If this would make a difference for someone on your team or a fellow church in your city, share this blog or the podcast.

We are all in this together.

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