Ep. 116: Facebook Live vs. Premiere, The One Thing You Need to Know

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Mingo discusses how his church is using FB Live and Premiere and the differences between the two. And some crafty things you need to know, especially around the watch parties feature in Premiere.

Episode Transcript:

Mingo talks about the differences between Facebook Premiere vs. Facebook Live when it comes to producing weekend services. While watching another church’s live feed, he discovered a different feature. A feature called “Facebook Premiere.”

When you use Facebook Live, it requires you to do just what it’s called “Go Live”. It uploads straight to the internet for anyone to see and is not pre-recorded.

The primary difference between the two is that Facebook Premiere treats any video you create as if it was a Live.

Mingo run five services each Sunday through FB premiere. No one has questioned the legitimacy of shifting from Facebook Live to Premiere. The best thing about Facebook Live Premiere is that it helps you get the content out and scheduled.

When Mingo recorded his sermon for Good Friday, he didn’t like it and later re-recorded it. The fact is when you use Facebook Premiere, you have a chance to edit the service to serve your members best.

Another advantage of using Facebook Premiere is that you get to determine how long your service will be before scheduling it to go Live.

We deliver each service in under an hour, which is the threshold for most people’s attention.

Once you are ready to upload, Facebook gives you the option to release it as a premiere. And nobody can see it until the designated time for the video to play.

It’s best to upload 24 hours prior or the least at 6 hours before the scheduled time. You’ll manage your time better, reduce your stress levels.

The one thing we love most about Premiere it allows you to be present and engage in the feed while people are watching you, and that is a big win in our book.

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