Brian Moss had never pastored a church when he took over Oak Ridge Baptist Church in Salisbury, Maryland. It had gone through a 15-year stagnation with a congregation that had dwindled down to 35 members. There were very few children, and virtually no new visitors. How could this church possibly survive? To top it off, Brian felt wholly inadequate to take on this new leadership position.

After receiving a flyer announcing a Purpose Driven Church (PDC) satellite simulcast, Brian thought the conference might give him the help he needed to build a healthy church.

Brian and his team attended the PDC seminar and immediately committed to adopting the PDC strategy. Over the next several months, they studied the material and completed the entire PDC training program. Every year, they attended PDC conferences at Saddleback Church to gain new insight on maintaining a healthy, balanced church.

“What we found so compelling was the incredible practicality of the material,“ says Brian. “One of the most powerful components of the PD system is the preaching philosophy. It is as significant for church revitalization as the PD essentials.”

Brian credits the PDC paradigm for helping revive Oak Ridge Church. The processes, coaching, and materials led to an increase in baptisms, membership, volunteers, giving, and attendance.

Sixteen years after adopting the PDC strategy, Oak Ridge Church has baptized nearly 1,700 people, has grown to over 1,400 in weekly attendance, and currently hosts 70 small groups. Of their 1,100 members, over 400 serve weekly in SHAPE-based ministries, and more than 400 have been mobilized for missions.

Brian adds: “We thank God for the stabilizing impact of a Purpose Driven paradigm that helps us keep a balanced view of a healthy church!”

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