28 Jul
28 Jul -
30 Jul

PD Conference Hong Kong

Anything that has ever been accomplished started with a dream. All churches and ministries are born out of a vision—it is the first task of leadership. And every ministry leader must lead that vision with faith.

But as soon as you believe, as soon as you dream, as soon as you step out in faith—obstacles arise. You don’t see the finances coming in. You don’t know where the staff and volunteers will come from. Critics can discourage your forward-movement and change is just plain hard.

Maybe you are doubting what God’s plan and purpose are for your church and His Kingdom. Maybe you’ve experienced setbacks in ministry for so long that you have forgotten how to dream. Maybe you are burned put, or up against barriers that you don’t believe you can overcome. Or maybe you have already accomplished your dream but now you’re wondering what is next.

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