Why Finishing the Task Matters to Healthy Churches

Think about the number of churches in your community. Perhaps there’s one church, or five, or maybe dozens.  Now imagine a place where there’s not a single church. From small villages in Sudan to megacities in India, countless communities around the world still have no church, no national believers—and no one even trying to reach

Bangladesh Evangelical Revival Church

After reading The Purpose Driven Church, Pastor Baroi felt a calling to plant churches. Six years later, he’s planted 35 churches and launched Bangladesh Evangelical Revival Church — a house of hope for Rohingya refugees.

2018 All-Africa Pastors’ Gathering in Kigali Rwanda

To help build Purpose Driven (PD) Churches around the world, Saddleback’s PD team brought together International Partnering Churches (IPCs) with influential African pastors during the 2018 All-Africa Pastors’ Gathering in Rwanda. This networking and training event gave IPC’s a chance to see PEACE in action and the impact across Africa.

Eastpoint Church, Spokane Valley, Washington

Pastor Kurt Bubna of Spokane Valley’s Eastpoint Church learned many lessons the hard way. Yet a major pivot in church health paid off. Now, after 40 years in ministry, Pastor Kurt shepherds over 3,000 regular members, is planting a new church, and is committed to helping Botswana become a Purpose Driven nation.

Parkway Place Baptist Church, Little Rock, Arkansas

Early in his ministry, Pastor Allan Greer implemented the Purpose Driven (PD) model at Parkway Baptist. But it wasn’t until attending PEACE Training at Saddleback’s Retreat Center that he caught the vision for impacting the entire nation of Zambia.

Christian Missionary Alliance in Erbil, Iraq

Pastor Malath Baythoon knows the true meaning of being a good shepherd. In 2014, members of his 200-person congregation were forced to flee when ISIS took control of the area. Today, his church serves not only as a house of worship, but also as a refuge for the displaced — and the Purpose Driven Church is helping them every step of the way.

PEACE Leader Training Equips Mission Leaders

From January 16-18, nearly 40 delegates attended PEACE Leader Training at Saddleback’s Rancho Capistrano Retreat Center—equipping mission leaders in the full implementation of The PEACE Plan in and through their churches.

PEACE and PD Training Encourage Nations To Rise Up

After The PEACE Plan’s success in Rwanda gained international interest from other countries, the Purpose Driven (PD) and PEACE teams have been actively laying the groundwork to implement the same training and national strategy across the world.

All-Africa Pastors Gathering

From February 21–23, nine International Partnering Churches from the U.S and Brazil, united with influential pastors from African countries during the All-Africa Pastors Gathering in Kigali, Rwanda. Find out how the PD movement is transforming nations.

Capital Christian Center Equips Ghana as PD Nation

To help bring PD strategies to African countries, Capital Christian Center (CCC) in Olympia, Washington took on the nation of Ghana in 2016. By February 2017, a team of four CCC pastors traveled to Ghana to officially begin training 137 local pastors in PD Essentials. Find out how God moved beyond the capital of Accra to expand PD into new territories.

PEACE Day Event Held at Bayview Baptist Church

To help take the Good News to the last 3,000 unreached tribes, Saddleback’s PD Team hosted their first PEACE Day event. Held on January 24 at San Diego’s Bayview Baptist Church, the gathering introduced the PEACE Plan to churches that have never heard or been involved in this final frontier project.

Rwanda Becomes a Purpose Driven Nation

In 2003, Rwandan President, Paul Kagame read The Purpose Driven Life. Nine years had passed since the genocide took the lives of one million Rwandans and left one million orphans. But President Kagame had a vision to make Rwanda the first Purpose Driven nation.

Vastago Church in Mexicali

In 2015, Senior Pastor Manuel Carrillo of Vastago Church in Mexicali, agreed to host church leaders for the first PD Essentials Training in the area.

October Meeting for International Partnering Churches

On October 27, the Purpose Driven Team hosted a gathering for 13 International Partnering Churches at Saddleback’s Rancho Capistrano campus. In attendance were 30 PD practitioners from the United States and Canada, currently coaching other churches in PD strategies.

Fields Ready for Harvest

Several months ago, we shared the story of how Chicago’s Parkview Christian Church had been commissioned to launch the Purpose Driven strategy in Malawi. Now, they are seeing the fruit of their labor as the country transforms into a thriving PD nation.

Faith Ministries, Zimbabwe, Africa

In 1992, Ngwiza Mnkandla, Bishop of Faith Ministries in Zimbabwe, was tasked with the challenge of overseeing 10,000 church plants in eight years. Once the numeric goal was met, he knew that quality had been sacrificed for quantity. Learn how PDC helped turn that around.

Full Gospel Church International, Ghana, Africa

Bishop Samuel Mensah, President of Full Gospel Church International in Ghana, attended a PD Conference in Rwanda in 2016. It was there that he saw the impact of Purpose Driven strategies on nations, giving him hope to bring change to Ghana.

Purpose Driven Children’s Ministry

Saddleback Kids proved you’re never too young to be Purpose Driven. Nearly 100 team members crossed the border to equip children’s leaders throughout Mexico at the Purpose Driven Children’s Ministry Conference, Practico (Practical).

Purpose Driven Training, Moscow, Russia

During a recent PEACE trip to Moscow, four members from Saddleback Church met with local pastors representing leaders from 50 other churches seeking Purpose Driven Church training. Find out how they equipped churches to effectively mobilize unreached communities.

Purpose Driven Training in South Sudan

Ten years ago, Ken Smith embarked on a journey to visit and evaluate churches in Cairo, Egypt. Instead, he encountered a church that revealed an entirely new mission field to him in South Sudan. Learn how PDC training is impacting communities in South Sudan.

Parkview Christian Church, Orland Park, Illinois

Two years ago, Parkview Christian Church in Orland Park Illinois was commissioned to become the first non-Saddleback Church to serve as an international partnering church in Africa. Today, they have launched the PD strategy in Malawi, and have trained over 300 local pastors.

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