Day: April 13, 2021

7 Ways God Will Evaluate Your Faithfulness

How Will God Judge our Faithfulness? That one day when we stand before our Creator and are looking to hear – “Well Done!” Do we fully understand the aspects by which we’ll be judged? These 7 areas of our life and leadership should be the ones we are most focused on developing and refining. Do[…]

3 Aspects of the Vision God Has for Your Church

I’m often asked, “Is there any single common denominator you can find in every growing church?” I have studied, read and visited many churches throughout the years. What I’ve discovered is God uses all kinds of churches, in all kinds of ways, with many different methods and styles. But there is one common denominator that[…]

4 Critical Markers of a Great Leader

The book of Nehemiah shows the importance of good leadership in the completion of a project. With the right leadership, the Israelites were able to complete a project in 52 days—a project that, for 80 years, people had said couldn’t be done. When you get the right catalyst, important projects get finished. What kind of[…]

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