Building a Church on the Right Foundation

Here are some of the exciting things you (and those you invite!) will receive at PD Essentials: Building the Foundation for a Healthy Church on October 11–14.

  • Strengthen Your Ministry: Just like a muscle, you need to strengthen your ministry. PD Essentials offers an element of continued improvement so you can reach one more for Jesus!
  • Meet the Experts: Sit down with experienced practitioners, discuss in-depth ministry, and walk away with tangible ideas and next steps.
  • Be Heard: PD pastors are waiting to hear your needs during scheduled labs. They understand your situation because they’ve been there themselves, and they’re looking forward to helping you overcome obstacles!
  • Get Committed: Walk away committed to taking the next step—from becoming a Global PEACE Church to getting certified at the PD coach level—we’re ready to serve you!
  • See the Big Picture: You’ll be encouraged to continue to train to become fully equipped to implement the common PD vision and system.
  • Get Inspired: Whether your church is recently planted, plateaued, or lacking progress, don’t pass up this chance for you and your entire staff to get inspired and renewed. Take action together, grow people, build the church, and get your staff on the same page!
  • Connect with Others: Join labs and informal connection times, and build a network of PD coaches and ministry leaders within your community. Share ideas, engage in conversations, get connected, and become better together!
  • Attend a Lab: We have over a dozen labs providing practical tips that will encourage and equip you for your next training and implementation steps. Topics cover everything from turning attenders into members, to helping people grow to spiritual maturity.
  • Kickstart the Campaign: Learn all about launching church-wide campaigns and get a headstart on one of our biggest campaigns ever, the Year of Hope!
  • Learn the 8-Module Process: Get the tools and foundational processes to develop a healthy church of spiritually-mature members, based on the five Purposes Jesus gave us in the Great Commandment and Great Commission. You’ll learn how to guide your members through the stages of commitment.
  • Learn the Best Practices: Discover strategies around PDC planting, launching small groups, establishing a foundation for growth, defining your church’s purpose, reaching your community, growing a congregation, building disciples, and more.
  • Meet Your Mentor: Talk one-on-one with other PD practitioners and coaches. Band together to talk solutions, new ideas, best practices, and accountability. You’ll gain ongoing support from a mentor willing to answer the tough questions and walk alongside you in your PD journey.
  • Tour Saddleback Church: Jump on our Lake Forest campus tram and tour the 120-acres at Saddleback Church. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the intentional structure of our facilities, built as a reflection of the Purpose Driven bases and diamonds.

Don’t miss this chance to foster relationships and learn the fundamentals of building a healthy church. Be sure to invite a friend and experience PD Essentials together! Register today at

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